Outreach Opportunities


City on the Hill – The Justice Project’s home church in Boulder, Colorado.

Christine Caine – Building the local church globally.

Human Sex Trafficking:

The A21 Campaign – “Abolishing injustice in the 21st century”
There are 21 ways in which to participate with the A21 Campaign; most of which can be done from home in the local community. Our heart is to spread the word about human trafficking and to find areas in which we can have a local impact.

Pearl Alliance - “An alliance between us and everyone else who is willing to fight against human trafficking.”
This ministry is committed to forming strategic alliances with onsite organizations to combat the trafficking of women and children. Currently their focus is Southeast Asia, specifically Thailand & Cambodia. They provide easy ways of fundraising and raising awareness regarding human trafficking in Southeast Asia.

CU Students Against Modern Day Slavery - We are abolitionists committed to combating all forms of modern-day slavery, both domestically and internationally.

Orphans, Children in need, Girls’ Homes:

Mountain States Children’s Home
Biggest needs – help with gardening, materials (paint, carpet, etc) to decorate a child’s room, donations of school supplies, food donations, someone to provide horseback riding instruction, help with 4H projects. Please contact us through TJP or find TJP on Facebook if you are interested in getting involved.

Iris Ministries Inc. (Heidi Baker) – founded by Rolland and Heidi Baker as a Christian missionary organization in 1980, is dedicated to revival in the Holy Spirit wherever the love and power of God are needed and appreciated, especially among the poor.

One Child Campaign – Compassion and justice for the orphan
This organization seeks compassion & justice for orphans through awareness mission & vision trips that immerse you into the lives of orphan & street kids around the world. It raises awareness not only for the orphan, but also for the body of Christ to realize the impact it can have through advocacy, partnerships & even adoption. You can sponsor a child, adopt a child and volunteer for projects.

Mark Anderson Ministries – Karishma Daycare/Sewing School/Girls Home
A ministry whose heart is to take orphan girls off the streets of India, teach them a trade, give them a home, and prepare them for a hopeful future. As of right now, cash donations are the main way of supporting this ministry, and they can be made via the website.


The Boulder Carriage House

Our Center – “Paving the road to self-sufficiency”
There are many ways in which to help out at the OUR Center. They are always in need of cash donations, food donations, volunteers, clothing donations, etc. They allow for groups to volunteer together or for individual volunteers. Please contact us through TJP or find TJP on Facebook if you are interested in getting involved.

The Well – “A practical living Christian center”
This ministry is currently in need of volunteers to mentor women and volunteers for cooking and serving food on Wednesday. Donations are also always needed. Please contact us through TJP or find TJP on Facebook if you are interested in getting involved.

Pearl Street Outreach - a ministry of The Justice Project
We collect practical items to give out to Boulder’s homeless (i.e. socks, razors, toothbrushes, deodrant, gum, etc.) Our goal is to connect and form relationships by simply visiting with and praying for the homeless that we meet each week. We always go in teams, and this summer we will be linking up with Saturday in the Park – a helps and outreach ministry of City on the Hill to Boulder’s homeless, down trodden and hurting. Please contact us through TJP or find TJP on Facebook if you are interested in getting involved..


Hillsongs Colour Sisterhood – The Colour Sisterhood represents a company of down to earth, everyday women who desire to make a difference and make the world a better place.